About Us

Hi guys, my name is Marcus, and I am just a regular person like you.  I spent the better part of my youth working 70-hour long weeks to make a living.  After completing high school, I went right into the trades field working as a mechanic.  I did this for 10 years and in that period my body already started to break down.  I developed arthritis in my hands from always griping tools and parts.  I injured one of my shoulders and knees just from being dumb and never asking for help.  It finally came to a head where I would hurt so much by the end of the day, I needed a new career.  

I got myself a new job white collar sitting at a desk for the most part working in retail sales.  This also was another job that you would put in 60-70 hours a week.  When corona virous hit we were shut down and I found myself out of work not knowing when we would be able to open again and I could not just go get another job doing it our whole state was shut down!  I got a little worried about how I was going to provide for my family.  The bills still needed to get paid.  When we returned to work sales dropped substantially and I lost a good amount of income while still working the same hours.

It dawned on me that the brick and motor business is becoming obsolete.

Why am I working so hard on something that can be gone tomorrow?

Why am I missing my daughter grow up to just get by?

Why am I coming home stressed and have a poor attitude with the little time I would get with my wife?

The answer to that is I did not have the knowledge to do anything else.  I decided I needed to go after the knowledge and take back my time I have in this life.  That brings us too here.  I want to share everything I learn with people who are just like me.