Secrets Of The Entrepreneur’s Mind

Entrepreneurs eagerly do hard things well.  It is not because we are smart or have this wisdom that other don’t have.  If the 5 people you surround yourself with are who you are than surround yourself with successful people.  Be effective at learning what other successful people do and get good at it.  Follow the same actions they take even if you do not fully understand them yet.  If you follow the actions of one who has mastered their craft, in time you will learn how to master it too.

Something that is said in the navy seals.  When you get to the point you physically think you cannot do any more you are only 60% of the way to exhausting.  For exsample if you go running as far as you can up to the point when you are out of breath and so week you think you could not go another step you only reached 60% of your threshold.  My point is people that do not take action is because they think the action is too hard.  What you think to be too hard you have the ability to do it.  Think about it, all grate things in life are hard.  As they say, “nothing worthwhile is easy.”    So, If A = B than B = A.  If “nothing worthwhile is easy” than “nothing easy is worthwhile.”  Think about the easy things in life.  Watching TV, sleeping in, getting fast food, ect.  None of those actions are worthwhile!  Get rid of that mindset, get rid of the easy.  Now focus that time and energy on the hard stuff the stuff that is worthwhile.

We are systematically programed from a young age to have this employee mindset.  We are taught from watching our parents go to workday in and day out to make a paycheck.  We are taught in school from our teachers, get an education, go to college, and learn so you can get that good job.  Now that you have that good job you can buy a nice house, you get that 401K, you have a nice pension.  You have all these assets to retire on.  Paying a mortgage is bad debt, but we are trained to think of this as being an asset.  Taking your paycheck to payback the student loans you took to get that good job is bad debt.  You must pay tax on your house, your paycheck, your 401k, and your pension.  These are not good assets.  An asset is something that makes you cash flow.  If there is money coming out of your bank, then it is a liability.  People who work for a check are the most taxed, most capped on what you can earn.  You are plugged into a system that is deteriorating in its ability to take care of you long term.  You are creating profits for someone else who then by definition is paying you for less then your worth.

Rich people do not work for money they work for assets.  An entrepreneur has the mindset has opted out from that system and plugged themselves into a system that I am going to create value, I am going to create assets, or I am going to acquire assets that are feeding cashflow into there life.  Warren buffet said, “you are not truly wealthy until you are making money while you sleep.”  Rich people acquire assets, assets create cashflow, cashflow comes in weather you are awake or sleeping.      

Now I am not saying to go run out and quit your job or anything.  What I am saying is to start to switch your mindset.  When you make this switch a poor person can become wealthy even if they don’t have money yet.  An employee can become an entrepreneur even if they are still working a job but when they flip the switch mentally their actions and behavior will change.  Instead of just going to work now and that is it.  They go to work as a means to an end.

If you are interested in learning the differences between an entrepreneur’s mindset vs. an employee’s mindset then check out my other blog.

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