ENTRE Institute Review

Hey everyone welcome to my Entre Institute review!

What is Entre Institute?

ENTRE Institute is a premier education-based company that teaches proven methods that thousands of people have used to build mainstream and highly successful businesses on the Internet that sell products, services, and/or information. However, ENTRE Institute itself is not a business opportunity and therefore is not in and of itself a way to “make money”.

Who is Entre Institute For?

Entre Institute is for people who are looking to become digital entrepreneurs.  


 What does Entre teach?

There are 3 different business models.
The Pros:

     1.  It’s a step by step easy to follow video guided courses.

     2. It makes you look at all angles of life.  Jeff Lerner calls the 3 p’s.  Physical, Personal, and Professional.   NOT just the angle of making money.

     3.  Huge strength in the community.  You will join 1,000’s of other on FaceBook groups and you all work together.

Company owner and front man Jeff Lerner background.

From broke jazz musician to $50 million in online sales… Jeff Lerner’s story and message are now inspiring millions. After a decade of building multiple online businesses to over 8 figures and twice landing on the INC 5000 Jeff turned his focus to educating and inspiring entrepreneurs about the power of digital business. In 2018 he founded ENTRE Institute where over 50,000 students are developing their skills as new economy ENTREpreneurs. He is now regarded as one of the most inspirational voices online in business and personal development. Jeff’s interest in entrepreneurship began in his 20s when as a pianist he was often hired to play in the homes of successful CEOs and business owners. In 2008, at age 29, after multiple failed ventures, including a restaurant franchise that left him with a half million dollars in debt, he found his first success online and paid off the debt in 18 months. He currently maintains an active schedule of speaking events and media appearances while working day-to-day as ENTRE’s CEO, hosting the popular “Millionaire Secrets” podcast and YouTube show, and working on his first full-length book “Millionaire Secrets: Things Rich People Know But Don’t Tell You”. He is married, an active father to 4 children, and still enjoys playing the piano as often as possible.

If you would like to know more about Jeff you can check out his facebook, youtube, and instagram page.

What you will find inside of ENTRE.

The Entre Blueprint Course.  

You can get into this course for $39.  Please note that this is not a course that is going to start earning money.  Instead this course will show you the path Entre will take you for success.  You will go through 6 steps in this course.

Step 1. The ‘3 Ps’ Of An Awesome Life. 

In this step, Jeff shares a single “decision” that the most successful people on Earth are not afraid to make – the decision to embrace excellence across the key areas of life.

    • Personal
    • Professional
    • Physical
Step 2. The ‘3 Legs’ Of Successful Action.

In this step Jeff discusses the 3 “legs” that must support “the action stool”

 there has to be more than just good ideas at work… You need the foundations in place that have defined all the most successful actions taken throughout history:

  • Community/Social Context
  • Knowledge/Learning
  • Strategy/Belief

Step 3. The ‘3 Phases’ Of Building Your Legacy.
In this Step Jeff looks at 3 phases that are essential to creating a legacy.  These 3 phases are the 3 business models mentioned earlier.
  • Phase 1 Leverage (Affiliate Marketing)
  • Phase 2 Growth (Digital Agency)
  • Phase 3 Wealth (Digital Courses)

Step 4. Affiliate Marketing: The Ultimate ‘Lifestyle Business’

In this step Jeff will explain to you what and how affiliate marketing works.  

Step 5. Digital Agency: Converting Online Skills Into A Predictable Cash Flow Machine.
In this step Jeff will show you once you have learned some online skills with affiliate marketing you can use them to help other businesses grow there traffic (customers that come to the store.)
Step 6.  Digital Courses: Turn Your Knowledge Into Your Legacy.
You see how this is all tying all together?  In this step Jeff is going to go over how to sustain and build your wealth by creating courses online such as you are enrolled into now.
In addition to completing the Blueprint you will gain access to the Awesome Life Challenge.  In this Jeff will go more into how to build a better physical, professional and financial life.
 Lastly you will be appointed an advisor with whom you will be able to build a business plan with and go over any questions you may have.  The whole job of the advisor is to upsell you.  They are simply sales people.  That is all well and fine I get it.  Its a business.  The issue is that it is not a small upsell.  You will be offered all 3 courses and some other extras in the amount of $4,000.  Or you may just buy one at a time for $2,000 each.

Entre Institute Product Line 

Affiliate Millionaire Accelerator ($1,997)
“How To Build A Profitable Affiliate Business From Scratch, Regardless Of Your Previous Knowledge Or Experience”


Here’s Just A Small Amount Of What’s Inside

Module #1 – Orientation
– Setting Your Business Goals
– Doing Your Niche Research
– Creating Your Customer Avatar
– Following Trends For Easy Profits
– Product Types and Resources

Module #2 – YouTube Marketing
– Creating Your YouTube Account
– Setting It Up Your Channel
– Uploading Videos with SEO
– Ranking Factors For SEO

Module #3 – Sales Funnels
– Sales Funnel Overview
– Email Autoresponder Setup
– Creating your Email List
– Creating Your Affiliate Marketing Funnel
– Creating Your Funnel For Your Own Products

Module #4 – Email Marketing
– Email Marketing Overview
– Setting Up Your Follow Ups
– Sending Email Broadcasts
– Cleaning Your Email List

Module #5 – Blogging
– Introduction To Blogging
– How To Do Keyword Research
– Creating Your First Article
– Understanding Anchor Texts
– Creating Backlinks

Agency Millionaire Accelerator ($1,997)
“How To Build A Profitable Agency Business From Scratch, Regardless Of Your Previous Knowledge Or Experience”

Here’s Just A Small Amount Of What’s Inside

Module #1 Starting Off Right – The Winning Mindset-
– SMART Goals
– Your Inner Game: How entrepreneurs think differently
– Creating the perfect mindset in 3 easy steps
– How automation and systems work for entrepreneurs

Module #2 – Getting Clients
– How to set up your business in 72 hours (site, payments and system)
– The 1-2-3 client-getting formula
– Landing your first client in 24 hours
– Choosing the right niche for you
– Simple and repeatable client onboarding process

Module #3 – Getting Results
– Backend automation & systems overview
– Facebook campaigns that work
– Copy our proven ad campaigns (ads, landing pages and targeting)
– Client management
– Campaign management

Module #4 – Growth and Scale
– How to make automation to work for you
– How to scale and manage your agency
– Building your team (VA’s and salespeople)
– Asana for client and task management

Bonus #1 Breaking The $10K Barrier (valued at $500)

Bonus #2 $38K Cold Email Case Study (valued at $5,000)

Bonus #3 How to create results for your agency in 72 hours or less (valued at $995)

Bonus #4 Detailed FAQ’s, Definitions all my client getting Contracts (valued at $500)

Bonus #5 8 High Converting Sales Funnel Templates (valued at $1450)

Bonus #6 Simple business website template (valued $197)

Digital Course Millionaire Accelerator ($1,997)
“How To Build A Profitable Digital Course Business From Scratch, Regardless Of Your Previous Knowledge Or Experience”

Here’s Just A Small Amount Of What’s Inside

Module #1 – Product Viability and Market Research
-Market Research To Determine Product Potential
-Creating A Winning Offer
-Laying Out Your Course Outline
-Scripting Out Your Videos
-Creating Amazing Bonuses
-Branding 101

Module #2 – The Tech Behind Your Digital Course
-Gear Overview: What You’ll Need To Film Your Content
-Screen Recording
-Video Editing
-Video Hosting
-Websites & Landing Pages
-Autoresponders & Mailing Lists
-Course Set Up & Hosting
-Payment Processors

Module #3 – Launching, Marketing, and Fulfillment
-Creating Your Launch Plan
-EverWebinar vs. ClickFunnels
-Live vs. Pre-recorded Webinars
-Creating Webinars That Sell (Master Outline)
-EverWebinar Set Up
-FB Ads Manager
-FB Pixel Set Up
-Dealing With Refunds

Bonus – $123K Course Creator Case Study (valued at $1995)

ENTRE Results Coaching ($29,997 per year)
ENTRE Coaching includes:

(2) 1 hour long private coaching sessions per month with an expert marketing and business coach
Access to 12+ group coaching sessions per month that focus on the individual business models we teach
Group coaching directly with the ENTRE digital course instructors
Additional group coaching sessions with experts focused on the 3 Ps (physical, personal, and professional excelence)
Assistance defining weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual targets
Guided curriculum for meeting targets and maintaining forward progress
The benefits of ENTRE Coaching:

Accelerate your progress with ENTRE’s training
Strategize and prioritize the many tasks that come with starting any business
Help you design your business to support the life you want
Discover and correct your blind spots.
Tackle difficult business decisions including creating budgets
Set achievable short-term and long-term goals.
Make better marketing decisions and increase your profits.
Motivate you and keep you accountable to your plans.
Take you from where you are now, to where you want to be.
Clarify your business visions and align them with your personal objectives.
Much more…

ENTRE Inner Circle ($39,997 per year)
Membership Benefits

The ONLY way to get access to Jeff and his Inner Circle to consult directly on your business
2 “Virtual Intensives” per month (24 per year) with “deep dive” consulting from Jeff and his team on your business
Exclusive trainings from Inner Circle faculty members and Special Guests
Two live workshops each year where you will meet with Jeff and his Inner Circle in person for 3 days.
Membership in the exclusive Inner Circle Voxer group with “walkie-talkie” access to Jeff from your cell phone.
Private strategy call with Jeff and Adam Whiting (ENTRE’s COO) to dissect your business plan and put you on the right path.
Exclusive training and wealth-creation opportunities for Inner Circle members only.

My Thoughts:
The big question everyone wants to know is it legit or a scam.  The program in its self is 100% lagitamint and not a scam.  In my opinion if you are 100% committed to changing you life. If you want to be able to work from home online you will find a lot of value inside the coerces that are offered.  You must have the financial means to really get started in this program.  But if you have ever been in any type of business you know it takes money to make money.  I would recommend doing 1 of 2 things.  If you are just thinking maybe working online is something you might consider I would just look at a few free YouTube videos about it.  (Side note don’t get sucked into the sales while you do.)  2.  If you think that you would want to get into online business making money subscribe to my newsletter and I will send you Jeff’s “Millionaire Shortcut eBook”  .  I protect your privacy and DO NOT sell your email to people.

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