Entrepreneur vs Employee Mindset

Employee Mindset

There are incredibly unique variations within the mentality between the method entrepreneurs   process their thoughts compared to the approach we tend to and were raised to have a worker mentality.  As I spoke about in a prior post I wrote.  I explained how we were systematically programed from a young age to have this employee mindset.  We are taught from watching our parents go to workday in and day out to make a paycheck.  We are taught in school from our teachers, get an education, go to college, and learn so you can get that good job.

If I asked you how do you get paid?  There are a handful of ways you could answer.  You receive an hourly wage. In other words, you show up and you collect a set amount every hour that goes by.  You might also get paid when someone else takes time off.  You get paid overtime for more participation more time spent by you. Perhaps you get paid a set amount every 2 weeks of time no matter the hours.  Then you are paid a salary.  If you land a good job you might get a bonus at the end of the year.  Maybe you get paid vacation.  Now you are finally getting paid without investing time… if you request the days off ahead of time.  That is one way a company keeps you happy working for less than your worth.  Now that is how the employer makes a profit.  It is basic economics.  Would your employer make any profit if your time produced $40 of revenue an hour and you were paid $40 an hour?  NO, you must get paid less then you are worth so your employer can make a profit. The bottom line is this.  An employee mainly gets paid for showing up with maybe some perks for working hard.


Entrepreneur Mindset

Now, let us look at things from the mindset of an entrepreneur.  If you were an entrepreneur, one way to get paid is when sales happen.  That may be true in all business however, employers have a way of spinning it that other people are making the sales and you are getting paid no matter what meaning you are getting paid less.  Entrepreneurs get paid when they deliver results.  They get paid when other people do good work.  One of the benefits of being an entrepreneur is that you can leverage your employees. We get paid when we choose.  To summarize as an entrepreneur, you will be paid for creating value.  Value is the results.  It is what drives the sales and inspires other people to do the good work.  It gives us the freedom of choice.  We are givin the choice to make more money by simply deliver more value.  As an entrepreneur, once you have your business structured the right way you can take as much time off as you want.  If you don’t understand the importance of time, then look at https://knowledgemakeswealth.com/  

There is an awesome book I would highly recommend to you and it is Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Have Eker You can find it to the left. The book is based around the difference in the ways rich people think vs how poor people think.  He calls them the wealth files.  Your mind is the operating system, and these are the files that drive your operating system.  Instead of rich and poor we will look at Entrepreneurs and employees. 


The essence of entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are willing to invest money so they may earn time.  Employees invest time so they may earn money.

Entrepreneurs will go after opportunities.  When there are problems people have entrepreneurs find solutions. Then offer a valuable product as a solution.  Employees avoid obstacles.  When there is a problem at the job, and it is not in their job description they will avoid the obstacle.

Entrepreneurs grow value and grow wealth. Employees compete with one another for a piece of that wealth.

Entrepreneurs see challenges as an essential part of growing their business. Employees view problems as detrimental to advancing their career.

Entrepreneurs believe they have something to offer the world and are willing to promote themselves. Employees think it is negative to promote themselves instead of the company.

Entrepreneurs get paid for the results that they have produced while as an employee you get paid for time.

Entrepreneurs know that there is unlimited value to be created and focus on creating it. Employees focus on what they must do to get paid.

Entrepreneurs build businesses and create jobs. Employees look to fill job openings.

Entrepreneurs are inspired when other entrepreneurs are successful. Employees benefit when other employees fail to succeed.  When one employee loses his job that means another could get the promotion to that position.

Entrepreneurs think differently to become wealthy. Employees hope they can become wealthy so they can think differently.

How do you think?  How do you want to live your life?

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